Why I’m Crazy About Naturopathy

I have always had an inherent sense of the healing power of nature.

As a child I loved nothing more than playing with my siblings in the forest that backed onto our garden, and, although I spent my childhood concocting flower remedies and playing ‘tree doctors’, I had no idea what a Naturopath was.

I was attracted to natural health at the age of 19 when a friend introduced me to her Naturopath. I saw this Naturopath due to chronic symptoms of IBS, insomnia, anxiety, allergies and hay fever. My ailments had been going on for years despite seeing doctor after doctor and I had all but given up hope of ever feeling comfortable in my own skin. However the day I saw a Naturopath was the turning point for me. She spent over an hour with me, listening and understanding everything. She told me that my nervous system was constantly in a state of ‘fight or flight’, which was causing a lot of my symptoms. In other words, the sympathetic response (which is the part of the nervous system that is supposed to be reserved for short spurts of extreme stress) was constantly activated. She gave me herbs, which had soothing actions on my nervous system and calming effects on my digestive system. She also sent me off to get a blood test so that she could check for nutrient imbalances. It was from that day on I was completely absorbed with natural medicine, which lead me to study health science and eventually become a Naturopath.

Where I’m At Now

Now that I am a qualified practitioner, it is my vision to spread the natural health philosophy and to let you know that although it may not seem like it, it is really easy to eat healthily, live healthily and ultimately be healthy.

My special interests lie in the areas of mental health, digestive complaints, allergies, women’s health, learning difficulties and weight management. However, I cater my work to whatever your health objectives happen to be. I will be an invaluable influence on your health and wellbeing if you feel you would benefit from assistance in any areas.

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