Wellness Programmes

Clinical experience has shown that the best way you can improve your health and wellbeing is to work together with your Naturopath for approximately three to twelve months.

The Terranova Wellness programmes have been formed specifically for you. The length of time allows for you to make real health changes that last a lifetime. You’ll have unlimited phone and email support between consultations and a full treatment plan to work towards. Each programme represents significant value compared to booking the consultations individually.

Individual Services & Products

If you don’t feel you need the level of guidance and accountability that the programmes provide, then individual treatments are for you.

In the one-off consultations you will receive practical dietary and life-style advice that you can implement straight away. You’ll be given relevant handouts that will help you effectively follow this advice.  Where appropriate, you will also receive recommendations of nutritional supplements to help you achieve your health goals; keeping in mind that supplements are nutrients or herbs at a far greater dosage than you could obtain from food. The purpose is to gain a therapeutic effect from them, essentially in the same way that you may obtain a therapeutic effect from a pharmaceutical drug (however without any side effects). 

How to choose between a programme or individual consultations:

If you have been unwell for a long period of time (anything longer than 6 months) and / or if you have numerous ailments, you will find that the programmes serve you with far greater and longer-lasting results. This is because the therapeutic relationship will allow for the correct goals, objectives and actions to be established. Frequent meetings will enable you to feel supported but also empowered and accountable for your own progress. As the layers of your ailments unfold, the approach to your treatment will develop, which is something that can only be achieved over time.

However, if you would like individualised guidance on how to jump back on the wellness bandwagon, the one-off consultation with perhaps a follow-up a month or two later is the best option for you. If you haven’t been unwell for too long and its with a minor ailment then this option may suit you as well.