The foundation of Western Herbal Medicine (WHM) is based upon the rich history of traditional medicine from around the world, including predominantly European Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. WHM draws upon the philosophies of these ancient holistic healing systems and adds modern forms of clinical research and standards of manufacturing, that are approved by the national regulating bodies.

WHM goes further than science; it’s an art that is mastered by herbalists around the world who understand the delicate and synergistic methods of combining and dosing different herbal extracts. It is an art that can only be built upon practice, experience, tradition and evidence based research.

As a Naturopath, I use a ‘practitioner only’ range of herbal extracts that are in a liquid or tablet form, and I’ll sometimes prescribe herbal teas when a more mild approach is desired. For each individual formula, I choose herbs based upon their active constituents. These constituents produce actions within the body that initiate and aid the healing process. For example, Ginkgo biloba (a herb used to slow the development of primary degenerative dementia) contains active constituents that exhibit activity as an antioxidant and circulatory stimulant.

When prescribed appropriately, herbs shouldn’t have any side effects; they will only do good. However, some herbs will interfere with the effects of certain pharmaceutical medications. Naturopaths and herbalists will take into consideration the medication you may already be taking so that contra-indications can be avoided.

Every herb is unique and has its own properties and personality. They can energize us, calm us, nurture and sooth us; they can sedate us, invigorate us, strengthen us, and protect us. Nothing that is made synthetically in a laboratory contains the same synergistic qualities as the herbs we use as medicine. They are nature’s healing gift to us so that we can create balance and harmony within the body.

Work with me to find out how herbal medicine can help bring you health.