Three reasons to see a Naturopath

Ever wondered what a Naturopath really is or what you can gain from seeing one? Below are three reasons why seeing a naturopath for 1:1 or group sessions is an investment into your health now and for years to come:

  1. To get more from your health care, where you’re given time to explore your health goals and coached on how to achieve them. You choose how long your appointment is – 30, 60 or 90 minutes – so that you don’t feel rushed. I look at your body as a whole, analysing how your individual ailments are interconnected. You will be asked about your personal and family health history to find the root cause of your current issues. Although I practice evidence based medicine, I don’t do protocols, as we are all unique 🙂
  2. To receive a natural perspective on your health. Whether you want to reduce pain, manage complex illness, increase energy levels or maintain a healthy weight – health coaching from a degree qualified naturopath can help you! The tools in my naturopathic box include: herbal medicine (which works alongside any pharmaceuticals you take), nutritional medicine (supplementation of vitamins & minerals), dietary and lifestyle coaching, iridology (a philosophy that analyses the correlation between your eyes and your health) and energetic essences (Bach Flowers and Australian Bush Flowers, to help you heal on an energetic level – surprisingly powerful!).
  3. To live your best life NOW and invest in your FUTURE health. Double whammy! Naturopathy teaches you how to understand what your body is telling you through your signs and symptoms. Often, all it takes is tweaking your diet and lifestyle to see real changes to how you feel. I work with the medical professionals so that when it comes to your health, nothing is missed. Why not take control of your health and wellbeing! After all, we only have one body – lets look after it!

Book your initial, follow-up or acute consultation here. If you’re not sure how naturopathy can help you or if you’d like to hear about our programmes, message Christina for a complementary chat over the phone or skype. Finally, find out more about the naturopathic philosophy here

Christina x

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