Nutritional Medicine

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Nutritional medicine involves making a connection between diet and health, respecting the importance of a balanced whole-food diet, as well as incorporating nutritional supplementation to correct any biochemical imbalances.If you were to miss your car service and use the wrong fuel, would you expect your car to run smoothly without any problems? – The answer is, of course, no! The same goes for your body. If you eat foods that are highly processed and low in vitamins, minerals, good fats, carbohydrates and protein; and if you choose drinks that are artificially flavored or sweetened instead of natural water or fresh juices, then you cannot expect your body to function at its best. The consequences can take anywhere between minutes and decades to manifest and can result in a diverse range of ailments from headaches and mood swings to insulin resistance and diabetes… and the list goes on. The connection between diet and health is well researched. Put simply, the food that you choose to eat equates to your level of health and wellbeing.With the right advice, you can find out the right foods for your body and become satisfied with eating for nourishment. Through working with me, I will encourage you to learn:

  • The importance of healthy eating and how to achieve it;
  • How nutrients affect the biochemistry of the body;
  • How an imbalance of a particular vitamin or mineral due to lack of consumption, absorption or a genetic inability to use that nutrient, can affect how the body works;
  • The psychology involved in what we choose to eat and why we have rituals or habits that are sometimes unhealthy.

A consultation with a Naturopath / nutritionist will leave you feeling inspired to eat nourishing food that is delicious, satisfying and wholesome. You will not come home with a one-size fits all diet or detox program. You won’t feel bound by restrictions and deprivations, nor will you be overwhelmed with unrealistic dietary goals.

If you would like to uncover the facts about healthy eating, book an appointment with me