Women’s Health & Fertility

Evidence based herbal and nutritional medicine offers a range of nutrients and herbs that are effective at balancing hormones and assisting with fertility. PCOS, Diabetes, thyroid problems and other endocrine disorders respond well to a natural approach.

Digestive Disorders

The digestive system aka our 'second brain' interlinks every organ and system in the body, so it's crucially important that it's working well! Natural medicine can help with all gut conditions - from IBS to IBD.

Mental Health Difficulties

It’s so common to suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health difficulties. Naturopathy provides the tools to get to the root cause of the problem and treat it holistically, alongside any medication you are already taking.

Allergies & Autoimmune Disorders

Naturopathy can provide ways to reduce inflammation and correct biochemical imbalances found in autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Hay fever and other common allergies also respond well to natural therapies.

Chronic Fatigue

The energy system is complex and with chronic stress being so prevalent, it’s common to develop chronic fatigue & pain. Naturopathy helps determine the root cause (usually multifactorial) and will provide you with the steps to recovery.

Complex & Chronic Illness

Naturopathy treats all the systems of the body as an interconnected whole and can help with multiple chronic or undiagnosed illnesses. Furthermore, side-effects of drugs prescribed for chronic diseases like metabolic syndrome can be debilitating but can also be improved naturally.

What Our Clients Have To Say

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Clanjo Fourie
Clanjo Fourie
11:21 02 Feb 20
I would highly recommend Christina!! After being to several doctors about my 4th month old baby struggling with colic,... reflux and being lactose intolerant. Christina advice and medications helped settle his tummy immediately! She helped me with my allergies and sleep. After taking the medication Christina prescribed for me I can feel a big difference. Its 100% worth speaking to her as she actually listens to what you need and give you the most natural advice and medication!read more
Neil Beardmore
Neil Beardmore
10:10 28 May 19
Terranova Wellness offer a welcoming and sincerely caring approach to healing which is based on a holistic pattern... including aspects of physical and mental wellbeing. Highly qualified in her field, Christina asks pertinent non-intrusive questions to elicit the causes of patients' maladies in a supportive and professional counselling manner. This she follows up with well tested remedies and guidance on life-style. I came away from my initial consultation already feeling light of heart and on the way to full bodily health.read more
Ruthie Honeycombe
Ruthie Honeycombe
21:27 12 May 19
I highly recommend Christina - she is very approachable and incredibly passionate about improving your quality of life... in a holistic way. After suffering from ill-health for over 20 years, Christina has enabled me to improve symptoms and instilled a hope in me of a brighter future through diet and lifestyle advice. Thank you for all your hard work and time dedicated to improving my health and well-being. You impart your specialist knowledge in such a calm and kind way that makes it accessible to everyone. I particularly enjoyed the weekly plans as a clear easy reminder of what we had discussed and what to focus on. Keep up the amazing work!read more
Rodney Cummins
Rodney Cummins
07:45 05 Jan 19
Christina is friendly, passionate and knowledgeable on holistic approaches to well-being. Her personal advice was... relevant and well-received. Thank you!read more
victoria Broomfield
victoria Broomfield
09:20 21 Nov 18
Approachable and warm, Christina offers a bright and passionate approach to the practice of naturopathy and her skills... in her chosen craft have been well honed over many years of study and now practice. I would happily recommend Christina to anybody looking for a well qualified and thorough naturopath in Australia or the UK.read more
Aimee-Laura Balecke
Aimee-Laura Balecke
12:19 17 Nov 18
Christina has a wonderfully calming and relaxing energy to be around, and what struct me upon my first consultation was... how much she cares and listens to how your body operates in such great detail. Following a sudden illness I first approached Christina back in September. I have found Christina's sessions to be of great help to me and the treatment plan that I have obtained following these sessions has made a massive difference to my symptoms. Her wealth of knowledge is very apparent and she is always at the end of an email if I have any concerns or questions about anything. Without Christina's service I strongly believe I would be in a very different place right now, but because of her I am fighting fit and working in unison with my body to supress, cure and improve my current complaints. I am now able to listen to what my body needs and have also been inspired to learn more about herbal and holistic approaches to medicine. I have always had an extremely natural approach to my wellbeing, however Christina has introduced me to a new way of approaching healthcare following many months of frustrating visits to doctors surgeries and being prescribed medicines that were hindering rather than helping me all round. I am now working closely with my doctor and Christina to reach my normal fit healthy self and might I add with the in-depth support and knowledge that Christina imparts I am almost there. Thank you Christinaread more
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Christina has been amazing in guiding me on the journey of healing my gut and helping with my mental wellbeing. I would always feel uplifted after every consultation. A very positive and supportive person and I would highly recommend Christina’s services to others.


Thank you for all your hard work and time dedicated to improving my health and well-being. You impart your specialist knowledge in such a calm and kind way that makes it accessible to everyone. I particularly enjoyed the weekly plans as a clear easy reminder of what we had discussed and what to focus on.


Christina is lovely, very approachable and easy to talk to. She really made me feel at ease and is very knowledgeable. A couple of days after our appointment she provided very detailed recommendations and information about diet, meal plans etc. Would absolutely recommend for anyone looking for natural ways to treat the whole body from the inside out.


Christina is more than a naturopath - she covers nutrition, lifestyle and looks at how current issues in your life may be affecting your health. I received some of the best advice I have been given in years and the amount of effort that she went into the consultation and into the wellness plan was really amazing. Her insight into the bodies inability to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients due to genetics, stress and illness is very reassuring and she explains this in a very easy to understand vocabulary. Her personal experience with alternative medicine made me feel like I was with someone who understands me and that she breathes what she preaches. Thank you for a calm, loving and holistic approach to a soul in need of some kindness and wellness.

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