Be Your Own Valentine.

There has never been a better time to treat yourself with loving kindness. So instead of reaching out this valentine day, look inwards and honour your body, mind and spirit by acknowledging the life force within.

Instead of choosing to follow the commercial holiday, why not strive for deep loving and lasting rewards:

  • Show your gut-loving micro flora that you care: Refined sugars feed any unfriendly microbes in your gut. However, organic dark chocolate, delectable organic fruit and nourishing fermented foods kick the carb craving and help your tummy feel calm and satisfied. Furthermore, since most of your serotonin receptors are in your gut, good digestion will help you feel emotionally balanced and uplifted. Why not try delicious Cacao Bliss Balls with a glass of sparkling Kombucha!
  • Plant seedlings of love: Set little intentions for each day and bigger ones to reach your life dreams. Come up with your own affirmations, which will help you manifest your dreams. Speak or write your affirmations to yourself daily and share them with your friends and family. Think about what you want and act how you’d act if you already had it. This will align your energy to where you want to go, and bring what you closer to what you want. On a more literal level, the action of planting seeds and watching them grow will not only provide you and mother nature with a beautiful garden, but also act as a reminder of the dreams you’ve planted deep in your heart.
  • Make a date with Mother nature: Trees are absolutely amazing, I am in constant owe of their greatness. We are lucky in the UK (especially Cornwall!) and Australia to be surrounded by such outstanding natural beauty. Walking through a forest, along a river or by the seaside provides not only a feast for the eyes but also a replenishing reset for every cell in our body. The colours green and blue help to switch our nervous systems from sympathetic to parasympathetic dominance. Moving through fresh air provides our lungs, brain and muscles with fresh oxygenated blood, helping to unblock any stagnant energy.
  • Protect yourself from potentially harmful toxins: As the saying goes, anything can become toxic at a certain quantity. However, some things that we are exposed to in our daily lives may become toxic to our body and psyche even at a small dose. To lessen your exposure to everyday toxins go for walks in nature instead of along a main road where car fumes are concentrated. You could also choose to drink filtered water to reduce your exposure to heavy metals, chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs (yes, the metabolites of drugs such as the pill are in our tap water!) Finally, reduce your exposure to EMF’s by turning your Wi-Fi off at night, switching your phone on flight mode unless you’re expecting a call (and when it is on keeping it as far away from your body as possible). Create strict boundaries for yourself around time spent on social media.

This Valentines day treat yourself to something healthy and special – a massage, a warm bath or a new herbal tea blend – what ever tickles your fancy. After all, it’s well known that we can’t take care of others unless we are first taking care of ourselves.

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