Initial Consultation


  • A 1 hour initial consultation for new clients with personalised dietary advice, lifestyle advice and supplement recommendations.
  • This is not currently available to purchase online, please contact Christina for more information.

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Initial Consultation – 1 Hour
The aim of a Naturopathic consultation is to educate and empower you with regards to your health and wellbeing. Using the foundations of evidence-based knowledge, we will work together to promote your own self-healing.

During the initial consultation we will discuss your current and past health concerns. In order to get to the root cause of your ailments, I’ll ask you both about your health history and that of your family. We’ll also talk about your diet and lifestyle to create a holistic picture of your health at this point in time.

Next, we’ll discuss your goals and priorities and will come up with a unique treatment plan that works for you and fits with any medication you may have already been prescribed by your Doctor. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to discuss the rationale behind your treatment and the clinical evidence for it.

Within the appointment, I may need to examine your hair, skin and nails to help me understand your health status. I also utilise iridology, which is a way of looking at your iris to see if you have any constitutional susceptibilities.

I may refer you to see your GP (only with your consent) for a blood test, so that I can better understand your condition or if I have any specific concerns that require further investigation.

As a part of your treatment, I may recommend that you take herbs (in the form of liquid herbal extracts) or vitamin / mineral supplements, which will support the healing process.

The consultation also includes:

Information sheets
As and when needed, you’ll receive scientific, up-to-date information on certain conditions and diets that are relevant to you.

Personalised formulas for herbal medicine and nutritional supplements 
You will receive personalised herbal medicine and flower essence formulas and supplement prescriptions that work in synergy with any medicine you’re already taking. You will receive 5% off the RRP for all herbal medicine, flower essences and nutritional supplements.

Email support 
Within a week of your consultation, you are encouraged to email me if you have any specific questions regarding the supplements or advice you have received.

Private testing
If required, I can organise tests for you that aren’t currently offered by the NHS and discuss the results with you. These tests are priced separately by private laboratories.