Cornish Coastline

I found Christina online – I just knew i wasn’t running at 100% and felt tired and low a lot of the time and didn’t know quite where to turn. The consultation with Christina was open and friendly. Although I wasn’t quite sure what was wrong, in going through the course of session she managed to go into areas which really opened things up and addressed relative concerns.All the consultations were really constructive and I always left feeling positive and energised The treatment plans which she sent were insightful and realistic. there was no pressure to buy any supplements or herbs but over the course of the treatments i used a few supplements and they really helped. The diet plans were full of real, tasty food – no fads or expensive branded foods. The lifestyle treatments fitted into my daily life and I found the ideas Christina suggested to be really helpful and have continued them since.I now feel stronger and have really useful strategies to help with the areas where i was struggling, namely feeling tired and poor eating habits. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Christina/Terranova Wellness to anyone and will certainly go back in the future

Client from Cornwall, UK

I began seeing Christina after a prolonged period of digestion issues which were causing me great discomfort and stress leading to an overall lack of energy. I found Christina to be very approachable, patient and understanding, as well as extremely knowledgeable. She really took the time to listen to my issues and concerns and provided me with practical, realistic and holistic advice and solutions, not just around diet changes and supplement recommendations but lifestyle as well. It was only a matter of days after the initial consultation and following her advice before my symptoms reduced, and approximately two weeks before they disappeared altogether.I highly recommend Christina to anyone looking to improve not only digestion issues but their overall health and wellbeing.

Client from Sydney, Australia

Christina was kind, warm and very thorough in her process. She made me feel very comfortable to speak of my body, experiences, worries and feelings and gave me invaluable information and positive guidance. I cannot recommend her service highly enough. I will be forever grateful for the clarity and understanding she provided. I am of healthier body and mind because of her wonderful talent and insight.

Client from Sydney, Australia