The Crab Apple Fertility Programme

£600.00 £510.00

This three month natural fertility journey for couples is a comprehensive programme for both partners. Christina’s years of clinical experience practising natural medicine and her scientific background will help you towards your goal of a healthy pregnancy. It includes:

  • ✔ A 90 min initial consultation for both partners
  • ✔ Personal treatment plans for both partners
  • ✔ 6 x 1hr follow-up consultations for both partners
  • ✔ Everything else from the Wild Oat Wellness Programme but available for both partners



The Crab Apple Fertility Programme is a natural fertility journey for couples. It includes:

Complementary Consultation (20 min)
A free conversation over the phone or Skype where we can discuss how the Wellness Programmes will be able to meet your health needs.

Initial Consultation (90 min)
During your first in-clinic or skype consultation, we will talk about  how your fertility relates to your current and past health concerns, your genetic susceptibilities and environmental factors such as your diet and your lifestyle. We’ll also discuss what your goals and priorities are, so I can provide you both with a treatment plan that works for you. To get the most out of this programme, it is crucial that both partners attend.

Personal treatment plans
You and your partner will each receive a personalised treatment plan, which will be emailed to you after your initial consultation. Treatment notes will also be emailed to you after every subsequent consultation. Your treatment plans include your health goals, short-term and long-term objectives, dietary and lifestyle actions, shopping lists, meal ideas, and any relevant research and referrals.

Six follow-up consultations spread over three months (60 min each)
We will focus on how each of you are progressing with your treatment plans and delve deeper into your health concerns and how they could be affecting your fertility success. Through monitoring your signs and symptoms, it will become clear what changes need to be made and how we can better align your therapies to your health goals. We’ll also have the opportunity to discuss any test results and treat any new ailments.

Unlimited email or phone support throughout the three months
In order for you to get the most out of your journey to health, you are both encouraged to contact me as and when needed regarding any questions or concerns that you have.

Iridology analysis and report
Iridology is the study of the iris to determine your constitution and health status. I use it as a tool within the consultation process, and formulate a personal report for each of you. Click here for more information on iridology.

Skin, hair, tongue and nail analysis
Based on traditional Chinese Medicine, certain signs on the skin, hair, tongue and nails suggest certain nutritional deficiencies or excesses. In conjunction with blood tests and other clinical signs, these are used when designing your treatment plans and recommending any supplements.

A letter to your doctor (when required)
Communication with your doctor is necessary (only with your consent) when there are certain medical investigations warranted, such as hormone blood tests and investigations into any underlying imbalance that may be hindering your fertility.

Information sheets
As and when needed, you’ll receive scientific, up-to-date information on certain conditions and diets that are relevant to you.

There will always be time for me to research, using standard techniques, any diagnosed conditions or if you are experiencing ‘unexplained’ signs and symptoms.

Personalised formulas for herbal medicine and nutritional supplements
You will receive personalised herbal medicine and flower essence formulas and supplement prescriptions that work in synergy with any medicine you’re already taking. As a reward for the commitment you are making to your health and wellbeing, you will receive 10% off the RRP for all liquid herbal medicine and Flower essences. And 15% off the RRP for all nutritional supplements.

Private testing
If required, I can organise tests for you that aren’t currently offered by the NHS and discuss the results with you. These tests are priced separately by private laboratories.

Flexible payment options
You have the option to either pay for the programme with a one-off payment or with three separate payments at the beginning of each month. For the Crab Apple Fertility Programme, the cost split over three months is £300 at the beginning of the first month and £150 at the beginning of the second and third months. Please contact Christina here to discuss payment for the programme.