Follow-up Treatment Plan


  • Treatment notes with additional research, dietary and lifestyle actions and referrals. Think of each one as a chapter to add to your initial treatment plan.


The follow up consultations are shorter than the initial one, because we’ll already have your case history and family history to work with. The aim is to build upon this information. Usually, having tackled your presenting problem in the initial consultation, the follow up appointments are targeted at exploring deeper, chronic and reoccurring problems.

Treatment notes

Personal treatment notes detail your health goals and the short and long term objectives that will help you reach those goals. By incorporating the actions in your day-to-day life, positive sustainable habits will be formed. Your personalised treatment notes will be emailed to you within three working days after your consultation. It is recommended that you email Christina within a week of receiving them with any specific questions and queries.

Personal treatment notes are included in all the Wellness Programmes and available to purchase as an add-on to any follow-up consultation.