Couples Follow-up Fertility Consultation


  • A 60 minute consultation to continue your journey to a successful pregnancy. Each appointment will dive deeper into your health and wellbeing, as it relates to fertility.


The Couples follow-up fertility consultation is for existing clients and their partners wanting to conceive.

Now that we have completed your case history in the initial consultation, we can dive deeper into your fertility concerns and address any health issues that may be standing in your way.  To get the most out of this programme, it is crucial that both partners attend.

The consultation includes:

Dietary and lifestyle advice
Depending on your level of health, the appropriate dietary and life style changes to better your chances of conceiving will be discussed.

Skin, hair, tongue and nail analysis
Based on traditional Chinese Medicine, certain signs on the skin, hair, tongue and nails suggest certain nutritional deficiencies or excesses. In conjunction with blood tests and other clinical signs, these are used when designing your treatment plans and recommending any supplements.

Treatment plan
If you would like a detailed written treatment plan following the consultation then please purchase this product for each partner that requires it. Your treatment plan will be emailed to you within 3 working days of the consultation.

Information sheets
As and when needed, you’ll receive scientific, up-to-date information on certain conditions and diets that are relevant to you.

Personalised formulas for herbal medicine and nutritional supplements
You will receive personalised herbal medicine and flower essence formulas and supplement prescriptions that work in synergy with any medicine you’re already taking. You will receive 5% off the RRP for all liquid herbal medicine, flower essences and the RRP for all nutritional supplements.

Email support 
Within a week of your consultation, you are encouraged to email me if you have any specific questions regarding the supplement or advice you have received. Further ongoing email support is available by purchasing this service.

Private testing
If required, I can organise tests for you that aren’t currently offered by the NHS and discuss the results with you. These tests are priced separately by private laboratories.

For on-going support please look into the Chestnut Bud Fertility Programme.