Unique blends of herbal tea formulated for flavour & health.

Inspired by the rugged coastal cliffs in Cornwall, New Land Tea is 100% natural. Ethically sourcing only the finest ingredients from around the world, each blend is naturopathically formulated using the science and art of herbal medicine.


Our tea is made from herbs that are sustainably wildcrafted and wherever possible, certified organic.


The packaging is starch lined and resealable for optimum freshness.


This bag is made from plant products and is biodegradable.

  • Naturally caffeine free
  • Preservative free
  • Nothing artificial

New Land Tea is lovingly made in Cornwall by Naturopath, Christina Wills.

It’s my mission to share the healing properties of tea with you and to inspire you to find a moment of peace within your busy day.

I moved from Sydney, Australia to Cornwall, UK five years ago. Throughout my journey, the ritual of nourishing my body with herbal tea has kept me feeling grounded and nourished. It is my belief that herbal tea is a gift from Mother Nature, an offering of healing actions that enhance the quality of our everyday lives. I encourage you to engage in a ritualistic moment each day to enjoy our tea. Christina x