“Health depends on being in harmony with our souls.” – Dr Edward Bach

Energetic essences encompass the modalities of healing that work on the energy force within us, to promote healing and balance. These include but are not limited to flower essences, homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine. They acknowledge the vital force which underpins one’s state of health and wellbeing and endeavor to correct any imbalances.

Within the philosophy of Naturopathic medicine, the healing power of nature is acknowledged. Flowers come from mother nature and contain all of her wisdom, energy and life force. The idea behind flower essences is that the unique energy provided by certain flowers is able to balance us on an emotional and spiritual level.

As a part of my services as a Naturopath I use Bach Flower or Australian Bush Flower Essences to formulate personalised flower essences in the form of liquid tinctures. These remedies as part of an integrated treatment plan help to address the energetic and emotional aspects the healing process.

Everyone can benefit from energetic essences! Children, animals and those who are suffering from a chronic illness, or who feel stuck emotionally or spiritually can find them particularly beneficial. For more information on Bach Flowers visit The Bach Centre